Monday, December 7, 2009

Top 3 Most Common Eye Problems

We may experience temporary eye problems from time to time which is just common. The most common eye problems we experienced includes the itching of the eyes,blurriness and fatigue. Most of these eye problems will not last and will probably go away. However, sudden eye problems should be consulted to an eye doctor. Remember that prevention is better than cure.

Here are the list of the top 3 most common eye problems and it's causes:

Eye Twitching

Though it's harmless, an eye twitch can be annoying. The probable causes of eye twitching are as follows:

Panic Disorder Tourette Syndrome

Itchy Eyes

If eyes are itchy it causes redness which is very uncomfortable. This are the few conditions that causes itchy eyes:

Pink eye
Dry Eye Syndrome
Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes

The most common problem is when eyes feel tired and fatigue. The following are conditions that may cause tired eyes:

Dry eye syndrome
Computer vision syndrome

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Advertising Campaign of LensCrafters

Competitors are astonished at the LensCrafters’ expenditures on marketing. The company planned to launch a millions of dollar worth advertising campaign and that is in the time of hard economic situation.

Luxottica is an Italian company, parent for the LensCrafters. Luxottica’s marketing manager said that their products are exposed to a number of economies all over the world. The United States is considered as their only largest market, especially in terms of retail. In its turn, LensCrafters is the company’s largest business in North America. And the corporation is trying to make the most of it.

Cutwater agency San Francisco was hired by to develop the design of the campaign. However, the major part of the work and managing operations were handled in Mason. Here Luxottica employs about 1,600 while LensCrafters’ employees account for about 12,000 in total.

That commercial was launched on television April 19. It features the world through the heart-shaped lens of two hands. This “I love LensCrafters” item (a heart, an eye, and the LC letters) were also brought to billboards, as well as the Web site ads, direct mail and ads in magazines and newspapers, such as Newsweek, People, Sports Illustrated and the New York Times.

According to Luxottica representative, Biondolillo, “While altogether the campaign is valued at $100 million, the actual cash investment by Luxottica is less, maybe 50 percent to 60 percent.” He said that the cost was not too high but an average across the industry.

The investment was made at the time when consumers were reconsidering their needs and purchases. According to the research held by Jobson Optical Research of New York and the Vision Council Sales, the level of eyeglass lenses and frames was relatively stable over the past two years on the U.S. market (2008 – $15.6 billion, 2007 - $15.7 billion). Besides, the research by the trade publication Vision Monday showed that people are not likely to change their suppliers. 85% of eyeglass consumers always return to the same office or chain for an eye exam.

This is a positive tendency for LensCrafters. However, this is good only in terms of keeping the old customer, and the task of attracting new ones has automatically become more complicated.

Moreover, other optical chains save money on marketing strategies while LensCrafters are making their way to customers’ hearts. And it is the LensCrafters name will be on top of people’s minds when the economy recovers. That’s how the company will attract new consumer s, because it is a well known character of human’s memory – we remember the last thing were hear and see.